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Skills Standards


Skill standards are a set of performance specifications that identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and individual needs to succeed in the workplace. Skill standards are developed to help:

  • Employers boost quality and productivity in the workplace, realize a positive return on their investments in training, and hire and retain skilled workers.
  • Employees or job seekers understand what is needed to be successful, communicate skills to employers, make better training decisions, and attain high performance levels.
  • Educators and trainers understand the skills needed by workers, develop appropriate curriculum and programs, and provide students with realistic career advice.

The development of the Dispensing Optician skill standards followed a reliable process defined by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).

Summary of Apprentice Optician Critical Work Functions

  1. Collect and analyze data
  2. Fit and dispense spectacles, lenses and other ophthalmic devices (excluding contact lenses)
  3. Fabricate ophthalmic products
  4. Fit and dispense contact lenses
  5.  Operate and maintain equipment
  6. Perform administrative duties


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